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Transfusion Medicine Online Learning

Description of program:

A comprehensive clinical program on all aspects of veterinary transfusion medicine for nurses and techs

Transfusion medicine is increasingly utilised in veterinary care due to its effectiveness in treating both critically ill patients and patients requiring complex surgeries. This new global online learning Nurse Certificate (NCert) and Veterinary Technician (VTCert) Program in Transfusion Medicine aims to help veterinary professionals improve their knowledge in all aspects of transfusion medicine. From understanding when a transfusion is required, to the different techniques for safe blood collection and administration – this program is designed to help you become proficient in veterinary transfusion medicine.

The course will provide a good understanding of the aims and risks of transfusions. Topics include a range of key subjects within transfusion medicine, such as blood banking, product management and use and adverse transfusion reactions. The fundamental principles of blood types and discussion on how and when to use compatibility testing to maximise transfusion efficacy will also be covered.

This ISVPS accredited training program delivers 8 online learning modules, over 15 months. Each module is built around six lessons, two reflective studies, course notes and weekly summary videos. The interactive approach of each session will help you retain new knowledge more effectively, with regular assessments testing your skills as you progress. You will benefit from the latest technology and  the guidance of dedicated veterinary professionals and educators.

Access the best online knowledge, suitable for all professional stages

Whether you are: an experienced veterinary nurse or technician or in the early stages of your career; are in general or referral practice, the Transfusion Medicine Online Learning Program will give valuable insight to help you save lives, become proactive in clinical  transfusion settings and advance professionally.

This global program is fully accredited by the International School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies (ISVPS) and is  delivered by Improve International Ltd (UK) in partnership with the Pet Blood Bank UK.